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Soup is a classic winter favourite and provides the perfect warming lunch, mid-meal and a hearty evening dish on very cold days. However, many residents prefer soups as a lighter meal option in warmer summer months too. 

Aged Care Chef, Peter Paues finds residents love his freshly made soups, all year round.

Our residents enjoy every soup on the menu because they are made fresh daily. Particular favourites include our Bacon and Broccoli soup, Pea and Ham soup, Chicken and Sweet Corn soup, Sweet Potato soup, and Tomato and Basil soups,” he said.

The Perfect Texture

Soups can be easily modified to suit a range of dietary needs. Being easy to swallow and digest makes soup the perfect way to provide nutritionally-balanced meals to elderly residents needing texture modified diets.

Benefits of soup

Soup is a great way to help meet recommended fluid requirements.

Many residents, particularly those living with dementia, simply forget to eat and drink. An offering of soup on the menu can help those Aged Care residents meet their daily energy and fluid requirements.

Soup, if made with fresh vegetables and additional ingredients such as shredded meats and/or dairy, can be a wonderful way to give residents additional calories and nutrients to boost their nutritional needs,” added Paues.

Add Soup All Year Round

In the summer months, soups are often favoured by residents, especially on hotter days when they are tired and want something lighter in the evening,” said Paues.

During winter, Paues offers residents a soup for lunch and a different one at dinner to provide a variety of proteins and vegetables, in a hearty, warming bowl.

The taste of home

Residents love dishes that remind them of home. Delicious soups bring back memories of their time with family. Watch this heartfelt video of a resident talking about why she loves soups.

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