Make sure your residents are drinking enough liquids over the summer to keep up their hydration.

Regular and frequent drinks are very important, particularly in hotter weather. The recommendation is to offer a drink every 1.5 hours at meals and between meals, amounting to 6-8 cups of fluid a day.

While many foods, like fruit, yogurt and soup contribute to hydration, your residents will need to drink water, milk, juice or tea to maintain healthy levels of hydration.

At meal times

Making sure there are jugs of fresh water available at all meals is essential – and simple to do. Adding flavour with a splash of cordial, or a slice of lemon and some mint will make it extra refreshing.

Between meals

Morning and afternoon tea can be part ritual, part habit for aged care residents but as the temperatures soar, a hot drink has less appeal.

Cold brewed or iced tea is a refreshing alternative; our Aged Care Specialists have created two delightfully fruity cold-brewed tea recipes to keep the fluids flowing.

Raspberry and Vanilla Cold Brewed Tea

Passionfruit Cold Brewed Tea

Maple and Apple Cold Brewed Tea

Mint Lemonade Cold Brewed Tea

Both recipes can be made in large quantities and kept refrigerated until needed throughout the day.

Offering a wide variety of drinks and making sure they are readily available throughout the day will keep everyone cool no matter how far the mercury rises.

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