More than a refreshing cuppa, tea has a significant place in our society.

Around the world, tea is brewed as a ritual and a tradition. It provides not only hydration, but an opportunity to slow down and a reason to spend time with others.

No doubt your residents enjoy their morning and afternoon tea. It is an anticipated occasion each day and a way to connect with their friends.

International tea traditions

In some countries, the ritual of tea is taken very seriously. In Japan for example, guests must wash their hands, rinse their mouths and take off their shoes before joining a formal tea ceremony. There is a great deal of significance around cleaning and arranging each utensil and there is much respect exchanged between the host and the guests.

In China even the pouring of tea follows a ritual, with a continuous, circular pour going from cup to cup. When drinking tea in China, the tradition is to sip slowly in order to savour the flavour.

Those who like a biscuit with their tea will empathise with Russian practices. In this country, serving strongly brewed ‘zavarka’ without something alongside to nibble on is considered bad manners.

Tea the Australian way

Although far less formal than other countries, Australian tea drinking traditions carry through from childhood to old age. Whether served in a china cup or in a mug complete with teabag, the beverage creates a moment to stop, reflect and find a moment’s peace, either alone or with others.

Having your daily cup is something to look forward to, which is especially important for those in their later years.

LIPTON, world’s #1 tea brand, Bushells and Lan-Choo teas are loved by aged care residents. They like the taste and also the familiarity - the tea they used to drink when they were home. Make their tea time special by offering them their favourite tea. Download our full range of tea and merchandise for aged care.

Hydrate and refresh with cold brewed tea

During the summer months, your residents may prefer the option of a cool and refreshing iced tea over their usual English Breakfast or Chamomile. Our Aged Care specialists have created two tasty and refreshing cold brewed tea recipes to help keep your residents cool and hydrated in the hotter weather.

Serving tea cold doesn’t mean you have to ignore the ritual! Your residents can linger as long over a cool drink, and also take the time to enjoy a sweet biscuit while they spend time with friends and family. 

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