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Easter marks cooler weather and a more low key celebration than Christmas. The extended long weekend and conjunction with school holidays means it is a busy time for visiting friends and family. 

Easter in an aged care facility is an opportunity to break from routine and celebrate with some delicious treats. 

The following ideas can help mark the holiday:

Your Easter Menu

Morning tea

Nowadays Hot Cross Buns go on sale in the supermarkets on Boxing Day but traditionally they are consumed on Good Friday.

Serve up a selection - some people prefer hot cross buns plain and toasted with butter while others like the dried fruit variety. You can even get creative and make or buy chocolate flavoured hot cross buns. 

Friday dinner

Good Friday and fish go hand in hand for your Catholic residents. Consider grilled lemon perch, oven baked salmon with hollandaise sauce or a creamy seafood chowder with fresh bread. Check some of our top picks to serve fish on Good Friday:

Sunday lunch

A traditional roast is expected by many as a way of celebrating Easter Sunday and the end of Lent. 

Roast beef, roast chicken or roast lamb accompanied with lashings of gravy, pumpkin, peas and mashed potato will make for a delicious meal for your residents and their guests.

Dessert (or anytime!)

And of course - there is no better way to observe the Easter holiday than with chocolate! 

Eggs, rabbits, Australian bilbies and chocolate chickens will be quickly and readily devoured. Find milk, white and dark chocolate to cater to different tastes.


In the northern hemisphere, Easter notes the coming of Spring, which is why we see shop displays full of rabbits and chicks and can buy posters and ornaments to use as decorations. 

The traditional colours to use are pastels in shades of pink, purple, yellow and green. Tablecloths, bunting or serviettes specially for the occasion can brighten up the dining room at Easter. 

Family time

Easter means an influx of visitors, including small children. By providing some basic activities it is easier to keep noise levels low. 

Some options include:

  • Easter-themed pictures for colouring in
  • Egg decorating (avoid paint and try stickers or craft supplies and glue to minimise the mess)
  • Make your own Easter hats (this can be easily done with wide strips of paper, staplers and craft supplies for decoration)

If possible, provide a space for children to gather somewhere out of the way of your kitchen and serving staff. 

One final tip - make sure there are some extra Easter eggs for the children, for sweet-toothed residents and for you and your team in the kitchen! 

Menu Download

Menu Download

Give your whole dining room a fun Easter feeling with our fun menus.

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Table Talker

Table Talker

Add more Easter theme fun; download these colourful cards.

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