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You take great pains to make sure your kitchen runs like clockwork. But, that’s a double-edged knife. It’s easy to run out of inspiration when you’re repeating the same routine every day. Not to worry. There is plenty of inspiration to be found out there, if you only know where to look.

Follow Social Media:

You’ll find Chefs from kitchens around the world on social media sites, showcasing their ideas, latest creations, hacks and recommending produce. Following Chefs who do things differently is a great way to stay on top of the game. You can also keep in touch with suppliers to get the latest produce, discounts and recipe suggestions.

Experiment with ingredients:

When you talk to suppliers, ask about other produce they may have. Once in a while, pick up ingredients that you normally wouldn’t. Go against your instincts and you may be surprised at what goes well together.

Meet other Chefs:

When your life revolves around your kitchen, it’s easy to forget that you are not the only Chef in town. Make friends with other Chefs and have a chat over drinks.

Get away:

When you get the time, travel! Why eat in your own kitchen, when you can visit other restaurants. You’ll find inspiration in the streets and at restaurants that serve cuisines you don’t cook. Don’t worry if you can’t speak the local dialect, your love for food is the only language you’ll need.

Encourage your team:

Every member of your team is in your kitchen, because they share your love for food. Give them the freedom to innovate and listen to their suggestions. 

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