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Being a Chef means some big sacrifices, but it can be one of the most rewarding, fast paced and ever changing careers around. So here are some tips to keep top of mind when you want to ensure you are a success in the kitchen.

  • Being able to cook isn't enough: In addition to a natural talent for and enjoyment of cooking, every chef has to have a good understanding of money, product, demand, people management and marketing. Being able to cook some seriously amazing dishes makes you a good cook, not a great Chef. So be aware of how a kitchen operates, talk with suppliers, and get across budgets right from the beginning.
  • No job is perfect: You are not going to find a kitchen where everything and everyone is perfect to work with. When you are interviewing for a job, remember you are interviewing them as well, so ask questions and be fully informed before stepping into the kitchen.
  • Hatted restaurants are not the only places which offer satisfying careers: Spending time and gaining experience in what are perceived to be the top restaurants in the country can give you some great ideas and inspiration, but rolling up your sleeves and learning how to cater for large numbers of people with a very strict budget makes you very hireable.
  • Successful Chefs are people pleasers: Whether it may be your peers in BOH, your frenemies in FOH, your customers, your suppliers - you will need to be easy to deal with. Be nice to your staff and give them direction. They will make you look good.

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