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We know you work long shifts and unlike most other professionals, long hours don't mean just the occasional late night in the office. But with a bit of planning, you might just be able to get out of work a little faster.

  1. Limit your menu - Offer only four to twelve dishes per menu section to increase efficiency, avoid confusing customers and decrease prep time required each day.
  2. Know your customers - Understand your patrons' lifestyles as different diners look for different things when they eat out. Great food that's cheap and can be served quickly will attract busy patrons during a weekday lunch hour for example.
  3. Leverage ready-made ingredients - They will save you time both in preparation as well as not having to correct mistakes. Good quality ready-made ingredients when used well can taste great and save money.
  4. Plan your menu - Consider your kitchen size and equipment, staff skills and budget and adapt if needed to match any changes to staffing levels or skillets. Don't assume straight away new staff can prepare or prep as quickly as their predecessors.
  5. Prepare for your peak - Plan ahead as much as possible to save yourself later. Review weekly the menu choice trends from your customers and the key times they appear in your restaurant.

Refining your menu will satisfy not only your kitchen and staff - but also your diners. A more simplified menu will save from overcomplicating things and allow your speciality dishes to truly shine!

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