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There are plenty of things you didn't sign up for when you started as a Chef; being treated poorly by customers, the lack of social life, the blisters from constantly being on your feet, the scars on your hands from battles with burners and knives.

You also didn't realise you were signing up to be part of the marketing team either, but being savvy in and out of the kitchen is a secret ingredient in most great chefs' recipe to success. We know marketing is not your passion, but you can help to prepare your business with the following easy tips:

  • Keep your diners informed. Make sure customers are aware of your point of difference, what you offer and what makes you special. Is it the produce you use? Make sure you highlight it on your menu.
  • Get new diners interested. Encourage new customers into your restaurant with new and innovative offers. Get creative and create a signature cocktail for one of your best dishes, or even invite diners to eat communally and get people talking about your food.
  • Reward loyalty. Ensure your customers come back by rewarding your regulars. It can be as simple as remembering allergies, favourite dishes and the coffee they like after a meal.
  • Value adds. Get your diners to buy more with each meal with enticing side dishes and extras.

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