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Generally Chefs are classed as unhealthy - drinking, smoking and eating more junk food than any other type of worker.

Chefs have their own comfort food they turn to when they are exhausted. After a 14 hour day and 80 hour week, Chefs head into their home kitchen to eat food that is generally quick to prepare and far from the gourmet standard they dish out in the workplace.

Healthy options are also far from their mind after slaving away all day in the kitchen. From dirty meat pies, hot dogs, mi goreng instant noodles, KFC, McDonalds and other fast foods to vegemite, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, frozen pizza, hot chips and mayo. It's not what you would expect top Chefs to be eating after a busy shift.

Chefs eat to survive and leave the gastronomic miracles for the kitchen to please their guests. We should all be thankful for the sacrifices they make for their diners.

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