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Learn to work your kitchen smarter, not harder. One of the many ways you can look at saving time and money is being organised about choosing your ingredients.

  • Use what's in season. Ask your suppliers to keep you informed and be loose on your menu description. Saying the steak comes with 'seasonal vegetables' can give you more flexibility, and sounds more desirable to customers.
  • Consult Your Suppliers. Use their knowledge and willing to go the extra mile for a sale to create a more cost effective menu that keeps customers happy. Run your menu ideas past them and take on board their advice.
  • Use locally sourced produce. Menus sound fresh and tasty when they include local specialities. A bonus is they can be cheaper to create and sustain a good selling price. Promote sourcing of local fish meat and vegetables.
  • Buy Smarter. Good buying will benefit your restaurant and your guests. Consider the volume of ingredients that you buy. Are you buying too much, not enough or too frequently? A good place to start is listing your 25 ingredients with the highest purchase value and focus on reducing these costs.
  • Common Components. Compose your menu in such a way that some ingredients can feature in more than one dish. One expensive ingredient used in only one unpopular dish can reduce margins.

Here are some tips on getting out of work on time, as well as making sure you are marketing your establishment.

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