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Can coleslaw dressing improve sales at a restaurant? Watch how the sales in Barnacle Bill restaurant increased by leaps and bounds, with HELLMANN’S Coleslaw Dressing.  Angelo Karakousis, General Manager at Barnacle Bill, talks about HELLMANN’S Coleslaw Dressing and his initial reaction when he first tasted it as a sample. It is made with authentic ingredients like real egg yolks, anchovies, garlic and parmesan cheese to create a flavourful dressing. Angelo says that the product was unbelievably perfect in terms of taste and texture as it held well, spread well, lasted well and enhanced the taste of the restaurant’s dishes. According to him, HELLMANN’S Coleslaw Dressing can bring out the best in your salads.

HELLMANN'S: Increasing sales at Barnacle Bill


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