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The flavour game changer is here! KNORR’s Concentrated Liquid Stock brings out the wonderful taste of fresh chicken from your dish. Made with chicken bones and cooked for over 3 hours, it dissolves easily in all stages of cooking, has less salt and can be used in multiple applications whether hot or cold. Add just a drop of the concentrated liquid chicken stock to stir fry dishes, one pot meals and curries for bags of flavour in every bite. It can also be diluted to make a wonderful chicken stock for soups.


How this will help you

How this will help you

  • Made with chicken bones cooked for 3 hours
  • Dissolves easily in all stages of cooking
  • Quick and easily to use in multiple applications, hot or cold
  • Brings out the flavours in a dish with less salt*

*25% less salt than KNORR Chicken Booster.

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