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  • Oil, vegetable 30.0 ml
  • Onions, diced 100.0 g
  • Garlic, crushed 50.0 g
  • Chicken, minced 500.0 g
  • Eggs, medium 1.0 pc
  • Oil, vegetable 2.0 l

Sauce and Garnish

To Finish

  • Coriander 10.0 g
  1. Meatballs

    • Preheat the oil in a large frying pan and add the onions and garlic, lightly fry until soft (don't allow to colour), remove and allow to cool.
    • Add the cooked onion and garlic to the chicken mince and egg. Mix together well and form into small balls.
    • Preheat the second quantity of oil in a large pot and lightly deep fry the meat balls until golden in colour. Remove and drain off the excess oil, place into a clean pan.
  2. Sauce and Garnish

    • Add the KNORR Moroccan Sauce GF to the pan with the meatballs. Cook for a further 10 minutes.
    • Place the almonds onto a large cooking tray and lightly cook in a preheated oven (180 degree Celsius) until golden brown in colour, remove and chop.
  3. To Finish

    • Place the Moroccan meatballs into a bowl and garnish with the roasted almonds and coriander.