Practical guides for modern kitchens 

'Chef's Modern Guides to Killer Classics' – a series aimed at helping kitchens keep their classics menu relevant and appealing to modern diners. Here, you’ll find easy-to-follow practical guides, inspiring recipes, useful product solutions, and simple training tips to keep your favourite dishes on-trend and profitable.

Our ready-to-download Chef's Modern Guides to Killer Classics

Bossing eggs Benny

Make a hero of eggs Benedict with our best ideas, recipes, staff training tips, and on-trend product solutions.

Smashin’ it with Steak

All the tools you need to keep your steak on-point, profitable and consistent—no matter who is preparing it.

Rockin’ the Burger

Perfect your burger game with on-trend recipe inspiration, staff training tips, useful techniques, and time saving product solutions.

Blitzing the Schnitty

Everything you need to keep your schnitty on-point- from helping your staff master the basics to inspiring recipes and practical product solutions.

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