Made with soft bread and delicious fillings, sandwiches are loved by elderly as a light dinner option, mid-meal or supper.  

Sandwiches are great finger foods for those who find it hard to hold cutlery. Encouraging and supporting residents to eat independently is so important to promote a sense of dignity and it may also minimise functional decline*.

*Source: Best practice food and nutrition manual for Aged Care.

Check out these 4 interesting sandwich ideas that your residents will love.

1. Roast Pork Sandwich with Coleslaw and Mustard Mayonnaise

A delicious twist on a traditional pork roast with apple-sauce in easy-to-eat bite-sizes.

2. Spring Water Tuna on Rye with Dill, Mayo and Rocket

Fresh and light, this is picnic style fare at its best. Remove crusts for easy chewing.

3. Falafel and Avocado Wrap with Lettuce and Sweet Chilli Mayo

This may not have been the Earl of Sandwiches’ cup of tea, however your residents may feel adventurous to appreciate the added flavour and spice of this Middle Eastern option.

4. Golden Crumbed Chicken and Spinach Wrap with Cheese, Roast Peppers, Basil and Mayonnaise

An entire meal in every bite, this one can be served as a main meal or snack at morning or afternoon tea for extra nutrition.

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