Warmer weather can reduce appetite, which in turn can affect health and vitality of older residents.

Here are our top 4 tips for summer menu planning:

1) Ensure adequate nutritional intake

Two main areas to focus on are protein and dietary fibre to maintain optimal weight and health of residents. Whilst looking to include lighter meals, vegetables, fruits and salads, continue to offer proteins, such as fish or meats. Serve them with nutrient-dense side dishes that include ingredients such as egg, avocado and grains.

2) Include mid-meals

Offer 2 nutritious mid-meals or substantial snacks in-between main meals. Savory finger foods are often good options in addition to occasional biscuits with tea. 

3) Hydration is essential

As the weather warms up, ensuring optimal hydration can be a challenge, particularly with residents who have dementia and simply forget to eat and drink. Offer plenty of fluids throughout the day in addition to soups, morning and afternoon tea.

4) Offer more seasonal produce

Summer brings an abundance of tasty fruit and vegetables that are at their best when in season. Incorporate them in your summer menu as much as possible to help enhance dining experiences through aromatic, visually appealing and delicious seasonal produce.

We have developed 10 summer meals that will add colour and flavour to your menu. They have been designed to encourage healthy eating and ensure residents are getting the right balance of nutrients and proteins every meal.

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