Nothing sucks more than being short on staff on a busy day, especially when the reason is because somebody forgot they were rostered. It puts pressure on the rest of the team and eventually results in poor customer experience.

Now imagine you could employ an assistant to take care of staff scheduling – at little or no extra cost. It is possible. All you need is a digital deputy – an app or software to help you with scheduling and reminding staff when to turn up.

Here’s a list of handy online helpers you can use:

When I Work

According to When I Work, you can spend 80% less time on scheduling when you use their software. Key features include:

  • Minimal data entry to add staff
  • Mobility with 24/7 access
  • Easy, reliable and instant communication
  • Payroll tracking and budgeting


With Ximble, you can save time on rostering and time tracking, and communicate to staff effortlessly from any device. Some of the capabilities that come Ximble include:

  • Staff requests for time off 
  • Shifts selection and trading
  • Time tracking
  • Internal communication
  • 3rd party integration


This online software tools offers you everything you need to better manage your hourly workforce. The key features of Humanity are:

  • A bulk scheduling wizard
  • The ability to send push notifications or SMS
  • Vacation & leave management
  • Time clock & attendance

Users of this app recommend it because of the good customer service – if you get stuck or confused it is easy to contact someone to give you a hand.

Snap Schedule

This scheduling software is Windows-based and is the perfect choice for small and growing businesses. With Snap Schedule, you get a complete and easy-to-use solution that addresses your organisation’s employee scheduling challenges. Features of this software include:

  • An easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Automatic schedule generation
  • An innovative multi-view schedule planner 

With Snap Schedule 365 and Snap Schedule Premium, you can choose what you need to suit the requirements of your café, however small or big.

While not every type of scheduling software will offer every single benefit, what we’ve shortlisted will help you get closer to making an informed decision. And with the option of free trials on some, you can try it before you make a final decision.

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