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According to research, consumers are increasingly using social media to suss out the next best place to hang out, eat or try out something new. 

A quick search on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you’ll find a constant stream of food related posts – making them free marketing channels to inspire and promote your café.

Phrase on being online this Christmas

While it might seem simple to do, these tips simple tips will tell you what works, what doesn’t and why for a socially super Christmas and New Year:

What to do:
  • Zero in on the social media platform(s) you're going to use and tweak your communication accordingly. For example, Twitter is less visual then Instagram, so customise content for both.
  • Talk the talk. Use a tone of voice that matches the social platform you plan to use. Facebook is casual, use hashtags on Instagram and keep it short on Twitter. For inspiration, follow Chefs, café owners or leading personalities in the food industry to see how they promote themselves and their food.
  • #hashtag everything. Use popular foodie #hashtags in your posts that are relevant to your food. #instagood #goodservice #foodphotography #dishoftheday #PotD are a few examples. This will make it easier for people to find your café and your food.
  • Establish a unique identity for your café. Start with a hashtag, #yourvenuename.
What not to:
  • Go solo. While it’s good to be innovative, you can always learn from other successful players in the industry. See what they do, use it as a template and make it yours.
  • Make your post long. Use the KISS principle. Keep it sweet and short. Everyone is short on time, just like you.
  • #Overdo #your #use #of #hashtags. 
  • Be un-social. Don’t ignore your followers. They’re following you for a reason so keep up the conversation to keep them interested.