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Founded with the help of a successful crowd-sourcing campaign

Adrian Sheather’s mum would never let him have a motorcycle. But, once he moved to Sydney, to work for an online foreign exchange company, mum’ rules ceased to apply. He bought himself a 1986 Yamaha SR400 and was immediately hooked.


But merely riding his bike wasn’t enough – encouraged by the growing popularity of customised bikes, Adrian wanted to get his hands dirty and the idea of building something with his own hands was greatly appealing “ I was drawn to that old-school, hands-on, smell of petrol, graze your knuckles kind of thing.”

Making a creative space
Business partners together

Together with his mate Daniel Cesarino and partner Helena Genaus, Adrian began formulating an idea for a communal workspace where weekend mechanics could bring their bikes to tinker with. The demand was there; the only problem was the money. “I just couldn’t get it to work financially,” says Adrian. “People would have to pay $60 an hour plus a membership of a thousand dollars a year to be able to justify a space like this, and make it sustainable.”

That’s when the friends hit on a great idea: why not subsidise the creative aspect of the workshop with a café that served great food? And not just any cuisine, Adrian’s favorite – Ramen!

Crowdfunding the dream
Barista making coffee

To help kickstart the venture, the team used a crowdfunding campaign, raising $40,000 from 160 enthusiastic riders and drawing together a community who would support the project.

The result is The Rising Sun Workshop, a unique place where local revheads can gather and get greasy, while groups of drinkers and diners come to watch them. “The workshop acts as a point of difference,” says Adrian. “The reality is you don’t eat at the same restaurant every night, or go to the same place for breakfast every day, but you might rotate amongst two or three that you’re really passionate about, and feel some kind of connection. And in this modern day, you’ve got to do more than just good food. It’s got to be a really welcoming environment.” 

Stay tuned for more on delicious Ramen served up at The Rising Sun.