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The Rising Sun Workshop

Sydney’s hip, inner-city neighbourhood Newtown boasts a unique workspace and café hybrid run by Adrian Sheather, along with his mate Daniel Cesarino and partner Helena Genaus. This communal workspace offers a place to weekend mechanics where they work on their bikes as well as a place to dig into some delicious steaming hot Ramen.

Now that's some good Ramen!

The Rising Sun Workshop is a unique amalgam of mechanics and cafe, a place where local revheads can gather and get greasy, while groups of drinkers and diners come to watch them. What draws the diners in is the Ramen. Really good Ramen, at that. 

The menu features unusual varieties of the Japanese staple - a dark-coloured broth made from chicken and pork bones, shiitake and smocked hocks, infused with a roast-chicken tare and topped with korobut pork belly and black onions; or a miso, weed and mushroom stock topped with peppers, roast garlic and green onion. 

Chef Nick Smith’s non-traditional but genuinely delicious broth-and-noodles have struck a chord. No doubt, that’s partly because of the quality of the produce they choose to serve. “The main focus was local, ethical, sustainable, and knowing where the produce is coming from,” explains Adrian. “Being part of the Newtown community, a lot of the Newtown restaurant ethos is locally sourced, ethically sourced, really knowing what kind of conditions, particularly, that the protein is grown in. So all of our pigs are healthy, we know who the farmers are, and we make sure that what we're getting is ethical, and sustainable, as well.”

Given the success of The Rising Sun, the team is now looking for opportunities in international cities, considering whether the model might work in New York, London or even Tokyo. Here at home, it’s been picking up a host of awards, including this year’s OpenTable Diner Choice.