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Start everyday with a protein packed, egg-based breakfast. Easily the most popular items on breakfast menus, it’s also easy to set your egg dishes and forget to update them - after all, why change a tried and true winner?

The Breakfast Academy has compiled two egg options with three variations - just to make your life easier! In terms of efficiency, you prep eggs one way, but have three different serving options.



Roma Eggs Benedict

A twist on the traditional eggs benedict, this one is nutritious and, well, delicious!

Eggs Benedict with Avocado Hollandaise

A Benny is loved by one and all. Here's an on trend twist with a full bodied smooth texture that will have your patrons asking for more.

Texas Benedict

The west meets Benedict involves a spicy chorizo that gives the hollandaise sauce a new dimension. This is makes for a bigger than Texas start to the day.



Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast burrito has proved to be a wholesome and popular choice - scrambled eggs, rolled up in a tortilla and ready to eat on the run. Corn based tortillas make for great gluten free options.

Scrambled with Hash Browns

Golden hash browns with scrambled eggs and some fresh herbs - you can’t get a tastier start to the day.

California Egg Roll

Fresh and light, the California egg roll is simple to make and packed with flavour.

Egg-based breakfasts have indeed come a long way since we first put eggs on toast with an afterthought rasher of bacon! Try these new egg dishes to update your breakfast menu.

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