There’s nothing like a breakfast with eggs to get you going. Especially, when you have eggs with bacon and sausages on toast, it’s food for the soul. Eggs are an ingredient you can use in many forms on your menu. From the humble hard-boiled egg to the popular eggs benedict. There’s always a style for everyone.

The Good Egg

This is one of those rare cases, when something truly tasty is surprisingly healthy. Egg white is nourishing and high in protein – a slow burning energy that lasts long. Many workout regimens suggest eggs an hour before your session. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals. Some are essential for your body to function, while others boost your immunity, vision and bone strength.

Always available

The great thing about eggs is that they are available fresh all year. They don’t fluctuate much in price either. So, you can stock up whenever you want and feature them on your menu, without your budget taking a hit. Unlike vegetables, you can also store them for longer, since they stay fresh in the fridge.

How would you like ‘em?

Eggs can go with anything. They can be the star, the sideshow, or simply bind your dish together. You can make them poached, scrambled, baked, boiled, fried…the list is endless.

No matter how you have them, an egg-based breakfast tends to fill you up just right, so you don’t feel hungry by midday.

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