With cooking shows on every TV channel, videos on YouTube, posts on Instagram and other social media platforms featuring recipes, hotspots to eat and new and untried dishes to taste, it’s easy for anyone with the slightest interest in food to become a culinary expert. This means that eating out has to be an ‘experience’ every time. And ‘healthy’ too.

Chefs today are expected to live and breathe food

This puts Chefs in the unenviable position of needing to be super knowledgeable about every type of cuisine across the world. Most Chefs do. Because it’s not just a job – it's a lifestyle, a global lifestyle. 

While you may be familiar with some of the cuisines featured here, it’s worth considering what makes each one unique in taste and healthiness. You may even be inspired to step up the culinary ladder and feature some of these cuisines in your menu.


With long-life expectancy and an obesity rate 3.5% lower than most Western countries – they must be doing something right. Cuisine from the land of the rising sun typically features raw fish, seaweed, green tea and fermented vegetables. You can try adding Kim chi to burgers and fish tacos as a side dish on your menu.


Root vegetables, oily fish, lean and game meats are characteristic of Nordic cuisine. Go heavy on your use of sardines and salmon, and chuck some ‘roo meat on the chargrill. Embrace the use of all ingredients Autumnal and oily and see how good your customers feel for it!


Usually associated with fun and social gatherings, Italian cooking is synonymous with pizza and pasta. Greek cuisine on the other hand features lamb souvlaki and creamy feta cheese. On closer inspection you’ll also find that these traditional diets feature seven to 10 vegetables and fruits plus bread and meat with generous lashings of olive oil.


Before you get distracted by thoughts of butter, cream, cheese and red wine, focus first on how the French eat their meals. Portion sizes are smaller and the ingredients are top quality and rich in flavour. Include smaller tasting plates with bountiful flavours on your menu and you’ll find that your customers are satisfied, not stuffed!