The low and slow revolution is here to stay, people!

A collision of meaty flavour, smoky aroma, fall-apart texture and succulent juices that overload the senses. Even without a smoker, there are plenty of techniques and tricks to use for that authentic southern flavour in your kitchen.

From Combi To Smoker

Want to create succulent, smoky southern brisket, like a boss, but don't have a YODA smoker sitting out the back? There’s more than one way to skin a cat y’all, and all it takes is a little ingenuity.

You can create that beautiful smoke flavour in pretty much anything! Even a gutted out old fridge can do the job if you’re a champion meat smoking machine!

One of the easiest ways to infuse your kitchen with the sweet aroma of Texas is to simply throw down some foil on the bottom of a large pot and toss in some pre-soaked wood chips, turn the heat up to max and get them chips smoking!

Remove from heat when the smoke is doin' its thing, throw in your combi or conventional oven on about 150ºC.

Lay your food out on the highest rack and close the door and let her smoke, baby, smoke!

Your oven gets a slight smoky tan? It’s worth it. Anyway, if you have a good combi, don’t cry like a baby ‘cause they clean themselves ready for you to do it all over again. You’re gonna need to, 'cause your customers will be bashing down the door for more!

Suspend your disbelief, the Hawaiian Cowboy is real, brought together by the love of ribs. Papaya puree tenderises naturally, resulting in juicy tenderness, all over your face! Serve with plenty of napkins!

These bad boys are so addictive. Before you know it, you'll be asked to serve them for breakfast. With a massive smoky, sticky flavour, they will be a sell-out!

Not just great burger beef, chuck is also perfect to cook the hell out of in a big, robust chilli stew. Also make this recipe as a pie and watch it fly!

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