So you're nailing GF in the kitchen, banging out killer GF schnitzels and conjuring up spectacular GF sauces. Now, the finishing touch is matching your GF Reinvented Classics with beverages that complement and enhance your dishes, while keeping your GF diners part of the fun.

Even though beer and food pairing is a common trend, beer is a no-no for true gluten intolerants. These days, breweries are producing more and more great GF options, so check with the bar manager to see if they have at least one GF option you can pair with your GF reinvented classic meals.

Another option for GF diners is to steer clear of beer altogether, and look to the other gluten-free bevy options found behind the bar. Here’s a quick guide:

Depending on what an alcohol is distilled from, determines if a drink is classified as gluten free. Wine, rum, tequila, potato vodka and alcoholic cider are all considered good to go for GF-ers. Because whiskey  and bourbon are distilled with grains, true GF-ers stay away, but due to the minute traces that remain, some are fine with it.

For non-spirit GF options, red and white wine are obvious choices as grapes are gluten-free! Alcoholic ciders also offer a great alternative as there’s a big range of styles and flavours, from dry and crisp apple, semi-sweet pear and fully sweet fruity flavours.


GF food and bevy matching is a great chance to get creative, with some great options beyond classic beer and wine. Remember matched drinks should complement, contrast or cleanse.

Spirits are a bit of a challenge as they can overpower rather than complement. But bourbon is a great place to start as it goes well with bold barbecued meats, whereas a smokey scotch pairs well with a rich, marbled steak. Try gin with grilled seafood, and a golden rum cuts nicely through the fattiness of roast pork.

Ciders are more commonly known as refreshers on a sunny arvo, but semi-sweet varieties actually pair very well with chicken and pork dishes, while drier styles cut well through spicy dishes.

Pairing cocktails with food is emerging as a funky trend, and due to the wide variety of styles and flavours, there are some great matches to be had which can help with rich, fatty or spicy dishes.

So get creative, get experimenting and enjoy the boozy possibilities!

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