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When half your patrons are tweeting and eating, today’s Chef needs to offer superior starters, tasty snacks and more substantial menu items. While infused olives, bruschetta or whitebait are all easy to construct and consume with one hand, look to include larger, tastier morsels that go beyond salt and pepper squid and chicken wings. 

More substantial share plates can include killer pizzette with egg and spinach, or cool sliders and potted parfaits, slices of terrine or seafood roulade served with crisp baguette chips.

Look to Asian options such as dumplings and bao, or glazed pork sticky ribs, or go all English and served a terrific toastie, with an American pastrami twist. Then there is the platter piled with quality charcuterie or grilled seafood, or a Middle Eastern spread with lamb skewers with tatziki or grilled chicken skewers, spicy falafel, punchy house-made dips and all manner of flatbread. And look to reinvent or miniaturise dishes that are already a hit with patrons, say mini fish & chips with aioli, or panko chicken strips with a knock-out saucy dip.

Beef Brisket Burger with Bourbon Chipotle

Patrons will also go wild for on-trend bar food which includes master stock beef brisket or pulled pork rolls with Asian slaw or mini “haute” dogs, filled with artisanal handmade sausages and served with pimped fries and chutney, which can all be consumed with a craft beer or cocktail in the other hand. 

Menu items that can be constructed by bar staff will also save time and kitchen space - think quality charcuterie and cheese boards, or fried seafood among other premium snacks.

Even a cold dessert platter can lift a menu and capitalise on foodie trends to keep up with customers who want informal, relaxed yet good quality club or pub grub. Think mini sliced brioche with lemon curd cream and raspberry or choux pastry cups with vanilla bean cream. So keep trying out tempting mini morsels that disappear as quickly as you can make them.

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