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Drop the plates, stuff the cutlery, casual dining is ruling the foodie-verse. Here are some quick and clever quality menu items for your patrons to enjoy as casual eats or with a drink in the other hand. Make every offering Insta-worthy for your punters to share with the masses.

From crunchy deep-fried onions rings to pimped pumpkin fries, create your jam with these moreish bar snacks.

Sweet Potato Bhaji and Korma Dip

Once your customers eat these, you may end up with a line of people wanting to give you a kiss after service. View Recipe.

Southern Fried Cauliflower

Follow this recipe and close your eyes when you take your first bite. Hard to believe its cauliflower. View Recipe.

Hush Puppy Onion Rings with Smoked Maple Carrot Tahini

This recipe has nothing to do with shoes, it's all about thick cut, fresh onion rings dipped in what is typically a corn dog recipe batter, then golden fried to perfection. View Recipe.

Loaded Pumpkin Wedges with Pico De Gallo

Great things can be made using pumpkin, but none as simple as this recipe. View Recipe.

Corn Fritter Chilli Jam Choy Bow

The inspiration for this recipe comes directly from Chin Chin restaurant in Melbourne. View Recipe.

Chicken Lollipops with Red Curry Butter

Not all lollipops are sweet, but these are. With red curry dipping sauce, your customers will be licking their fingers too. View Recipe.

Cheese Burger Bao

Is the burger craze ever going to stop? Don't think so. You may as well start thinking what's next on a burger menu? Have a go at this recipe. Served in a delicious bao bun, it is perfect to hold in one hand! View Recipe.

Roti Fish Taco

Fusing Indian and Mexican together may appear unheard of at first, but I dare you to try! With the taco trend showing no signs of slowing down, you may want to take your tacos to the next level. Go TACO! View Recipe.

Mini Prawn and Mango Hoagie

Fruit in sandwiches may sound crazy but for some reason this recipe works. Take it easy though, don't start putting any old fruit in sandwiches. Stick to this recipe and you will get away with it. View Recipe.

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Spring Rolls

You can pretty much stick anything in spring rolls. Try filling them with a classic combo like smoked salmon and cream cheese, then fry like you are a fryer king! View Recipe.

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