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Key Account Manager, Area Sales Manager & State Chef   

I trained as a Chef in the UK and started my career as an apprentice Chef in Turnbury Hotel in Scotland. From there I was offered the opportunity to travel to Turkey and run a restaurant in a beautiful fishing village called Marmaris. It was here I not only developed a love of Mediterranean food but also met my beautiful wife of 28 years. It was in Turkey that I discovered my passion for food and my desire to pursue a career in hospitality that has lasted for over 30 years.

My career highlight was being appointed Executive Chef of the WACA stadium and running one of Perth’s largest sporting venues for a number of years. Since then I have had the pleasure of starting my own food manufacturing business that I started and developed into one of Perth’s premium sandwich providers that caters for a wide range of end users including airlines, franchised cafes chains and prominent fuel service providers.

Joining Unilever Food Solutions gave me the opportunity to work closely with the current team of aspiring Chefs and allow me to maintain an ongoing working relationship with like-minded people.

During my free time I have to admit to being a “golf nut”! There is nothing more I enjoy than being with some good friends walking around a golf course for hours enjoying camaraderie even if the golf swing is not always as consistent as I would like!