Understand the importance of seasonality from Chef Maritz's garden to table concept. Get a taste for organic cooking! | Unilever Food Solutions

Garden to Table: Introduction



Chef Maritz, at Longridge Wine Estate introduces a menu rich in seasonal produce from the restaurant’s organic garden. Learn to cook two South African inspired dishes – Grilled Octopus and a polenta and pistachio cake – while indulging in home-grown ingredients.

Organic cooking


The Concept

Chef Maritz shares the vision for the restaurant – a garden to table concept delivering organic cooking with a sustainable approach.

Char-grilled Octopus


Octopus – Part 1: Preparation

From chargrilling octopus, to making chutneys, cracker shards and salsas – launch into Part 1.
Learn top-tips on seasoning and grilling octopus, while preparing fresh and seasonally inspired accompaniments.

Char-grilled Octopus Plating


Octopus – Part 2: Plating

Part 2 plates all the components together, beginning with a chutney base, topped with octopus, salsa and cracker shards with broad bean shoots to garnish.

Polenta and Pistachio Vegan Cake


Vegan Polenta & Pistachio Cake – Part 1

This simple cake doesn’t skip on textures and flavours. Learn the wheat and dairy free base, using ingredients such as lemon zest, pistachio, olive oil and almonds.

Polenta and Pistachio Vegan Cake


Vegan Polenta & Pistachio Cake – Part 2

Chef Maritz shares one of the key components for the desert – Guava fruit.  Combining guava with cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon sticks and Chandon blanc creating a delicious syrup and puree. Combine with a coconut yoghurt and toasted coconut shards.

Polenta and Pistachio Vegan Cake


Vegan Polenta & Pistachio Cake – Part 3

Assemble all the components together for the dish combining the sponge cake with toppings of syrup, coconut shards and a siphoned coconut yoghurt.