Utilize nose to tail techniques to create unique and delicious dishes while having a sustainable kitchen. Reduce your waste with these short free trainings!

Nose to tail. An Introduction



Meet Giles Edwards, the executive chef at Cape Town’s La Tete. This eatery follows a farm to fork philosophy, utilising nose to tail techniques reducing waste, and creating unique and delicious dishes. Watch how to create Ox Heart in multiple ways – creating culinary delights with under realized cuts, with these Chef courses. 

Nose to Tail Challenges


Nose to Tail Challenges

No culinary concept is without its challenges.  Understand the challenges carved from the nose-to-tail approach, from transport to sourcing and sustainability.

Ox Heart Preparations


Ox Heart Preparation

Begin with preparing the ox-heart for cooking, trimming and butterflying before learning how you can save the excess sinuet for additional dishes.

Grilled Ox Heart


Grilled Ox Heart Part 1

Part 1 shows you how to slice and season the Ox Heart, before setting aside for Part 2.

Grilled Ox Heart


Grilled Ox Heart Part 2

Learn the easy-to-follow steps for grilling the meat, creating a char-marked finish.

Grilled Ox Heart


Grilled Ox Heart Part 3

Learn the recipe and technique to create a delicious fresh and zesty vinaigrette to accompany your ox heart.

Grilled Ox Heart


Chipotle Chiles Toreados Guacamole

Learn a second guacamole recipe - chipotle chiles toreados. This guacamole infusion combines the flavours of smoky chilli with an aboro sauce for a dash of acidity.

Ox Heart Tartare


Ox Heart Tartare Part 1

Move onto the heart tartare, prepping and slicing the ox heart into small chunks before learning the recipe for the tartare seasoning used in Part 2.

Ox Heart Tartare


Ox Heart Tartare Part 2

Watch Part 2 to learn the tartare plating, with simple touches.

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