Kitchen Management


1. Kitchen Management

The importance of process and procedures in the kitchen, why purchasing, stock control and food safety are so important to the success of a kitchen and the role they play managing costs and waste.

Managing Ingredients Effectively


2. Managing Ingredients Effectively

Designing a smart menu is one of the best ways to maximise profit. But the benefits of a smart menu extend beyond just profit margins. Learn more about the benefits of managing ingredients effectively by watching this video.

Using Ingredients Cost Effectively


3. Using Ingredients Cost Effectively

Once a menu has been designed, there are even more things that can be done to make the most out of each ingredient. The less waste a kitchen produces, the more cost efficient it can be! We teach you how in this video.

The Importance of Receiving and Storing Food


4. The Importance of Receiving and Storing Food

This video explains the importance of the procedures required to manage the receiving and storing of food, using food safety guidance to prevent spoilage and why we use FIFO.

Receiving Deliveries


5. Receiving Deliveries

This video explains how to manage suppliers, how to determine the risks of products when they are delivered and how to ensure they comply with the agreed requirements.

Storage, Food Safety & FIFO


6. Storage, Food Safety & FIFO

Learn how to properly store food to prevent contamination and spoilage. This video explains the FIFO method of putting the freshest products behind the old ones. If you don’t follow this system, you may end up using fresh produce that arrived that day, while overlooking stock from yesterday that has now spoilt.