Posted on Thrusday, 30ᵗʰ March, 2023

Diners love trying something new within the boundaries of a familiar dish. Change it up and bang out these crowd-pleasing parmis with our 10 on-trend but easy-to-make recipes.

The flavours and colours are reminiscent of Mexican favourites such as nachos and tacos. Here, Mexican toppings are loaded onto a juicy chicken schnitzel for a twist on the classic.

Adjust the amount of chilli flakes to make this hot traditional Italian sauce even more fiery. Keep to the Italian theme and serve with a simple, refreshing caprese salad.

This gently spiced schnitzel imparts an authentic Indian flavour when paired with the ever-popular butter chicken sauce, tangy eggplant pickle and crumbled paneer.

Bring the authentic flavours of Spain to the table with smoky paprika, chorizo and manchego cheese loaded on a crispy, juicy schnitzel.

Liven up your menu by bringing brekkie and dinner flavours together. This protein-packed dish swaps out the English muffins for a golden, panko-crumbed schnitzel.

Add the authentic flavours of Malaysian mee goreng to a classic schnitzel with satay sauce, fried eggs, bean sprouts and chopped peanuts for an authentic twist.

This dish comes straight out of the Mediterranean with its proper Greek flavours of sauteed eggplant, tomatoes, capsicum and olives topping a golden, crispy schnitzel. The crumbled feta is a must.

Furikake seasoning gets mixed into the panko crumb of this schnitzel for an elevated crunch. Top with smooth teriyaki sauce, bonito flakes and even more furikake for a complete Japanese twist.

Always a popular dish on any menu, with the best of both worlds on a plate. Use prawns or calamari, and throw in some chorizo for added smoky, spicy flavour.

It’s all the flavour and texture you’d find on an American Tex-Mex menu. Maple bacon, zesty jalapenos and hot chips are loaded onto a schnitzel and finished with both gravy and ranch sauce.

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