Ingredients per serve



  • 350g New York steaks 10.0 x

Bacon Crumb

  • Bacon 300.0 g

Oysters and Kilpatrick Sauce

The surf and turf dish has now been reinvented. People will line up and down the road once they know you have these mightiest never-say-die dishes and smash them together like the legend you are.



  1. Method

    • Cook the steaks to the desired liking.
  2. Bacon Crumb

    • Roast the bacon in the oven until crispy, drain well and allow to cool. Place in the robot coupe, blend until roughly crumbed and store aside for use.
  3. Oysters and Kilpatrick Sauce

    • Heat the oil and quickly pan-fry the oysters. Remove from pan then add the Worcestershire sauce to the pan and reduce by two thirds.
    • Add the water, KNORR Jus and KNORR Gluten Free Rich Brown Gravy and whisk until boiling.
  4. To Serve

    • Pour the sauce over the steak and top with oysters and bacon crumb.