Adding more variety to your menu with a new ingredient is now easier. Here are 7 fantastic recipes, that use KNORR Potato Flakes to deliver an exceptional scratch-made taste and texture, to amp up your menu offerings.

You’ll love the versatility of the product – from making mash to a Gluten Free crumb to a pizza base.

Potato Gnocchi, Blue Cheese Sauce

The gnocchi’s light pillowy texture and mild flavour makes them perfect for rich hearty blue cheese sauce.

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Potato & Cheese Soup, Cheesy Popcorn

Simple and on trend, this classic soup with a twist provides a great starter or special. 

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Flat Iron Steak, Paris Mash & Bourbon Jus

Flat iron steak is called the best cut of beef by many. The near perfect marbling of fat makes it tender and flavourful and matches perfectly with bourbon jus. 

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Crispy Fried Squid

Using KNORR Potato Flakes gives a crispy gluten free batter that fries perfectly to a golden crunch. 

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Canadian Burger, Beer Braised Onions

Using KNORR Potato Flake gives a light, tender and moist texture to this burger bun. Matched with the rich meaty taste of Angus beef this is sure to be popular. 

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Pork Schnitzel, Coriander Crumb & Wasabi Jus

Get some pork on your fork. Schnitzel is popular across pubs and clubs but usually made with chicken. This schnitzel gives a modern edge to a classic.

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Beef Croquettes

Bar snacks are making a big comeback. As the line between restaurant and bar becomes blurry it’s now possible to make a meal out of small snacks.

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