Ingredients per serve



  • 250g Chicken breast fillets 10.0 x
  • Corn flour 200.0 g
  • Eggs 3.0 x
  • Polenta 800.0 g
  • Prawns, peeled, de-veined, tails on 30.0 x

Capers and Creamy Garlic Gravy

To Serve

  • Tomato, seeded and diced 150.0 g

There's surf and turf, then there's plucky and prawn. Got the same idea so should be a hit!



  1. Schnitzel

    • Prepare the chicken breast with a meat mallet.
    • Crumb the chicken with the corn flour, eggs and then polenta.
    • Fry until cooked through and golden. Drain.
    • Grill the prawns until cooked and golden.
  2. Capers and Creamy Garlic Gravy

    • Fry the capers until crispy in the deep fryer. Drain.
    • Saute the garlic in the oil, add the wine and reduce by half.
    • Add the cream, water and KNORR Gluten Free Rich Brown Gravy and whisk until boiling.
  3. To Serve

    • Serve the schnitzel with the prawns, cream sauce and garnish with the crispy capers and tomato.