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  • Couscous 500 g
  • Olive oil 100 ml


  • Butterhead lettuce 1 x
  • Radish 10 x
  • Mini-cucumbers 5 x
  • Cherry Tomatoes 30 x
  • 1/2 Pomegranate 1 x

Before serving

  1. Couscous

    • Cook couscous according to packet instructions.
    • Add the olive oil and stir well.
  2. Salad

    • Clean the lettuce and thinly slice the radishes.
    • Slice the mini-cucumbers and the onion.
    • Half the cherry tomatoes and clean the pomegranate.
  3. Before serving

    • Put the lettuce leaves on the plates and fill with couscous. Divide the falafel over the plates.
    • Put the hummus in a piping bag and make little dabs next to the couscous.
    • Sprinkle with paprika.
    • Divide the tomatoes, cucumber, radishes and red onion over the salad.
    • Garnish with mint and coriander leaves and pomegranate and pour the dressing over the salad.
    • Toast the pitas and serve the salad with the warm bread.
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