Ingredients per serve



To Serve

  • Seaweed salad 150.0 g
  • Shredded Furikake
  • Sesame Seeds

Combining umami flavours, silken tofu, sweet butternut pumpkin, salty edamame, crisp radishes with wild rice and jasmine rice for a perfect vegan bowl. Served with a Japanese classic of shredded furikake and sesame seeds.



  1. Bowl

    • Combine HELLMANN'S Vegan Mayonnaise with KNORR Intense Flavours Roast Umami, miso paste and water. Whisk until smooth. Cut tofu into cubes and add to mayonnaise mix. Toss gently to coat. Set aside.
    • Toss pumpkin in oil. Season and place on baking trays. Cook in combi oven at 180 degree Celsius until tender. Remove and cool.
    • Combine wild rice and jasmine rice.
    • Make dressing by combining extra miso paste with extra HELLMANN'S Vegan Mayonnaise.
  2. To Serve

    • To assemble, place some rice, pumpkin, edamame and radish in a serving bowl. Top with marinated tofu, a drizzle of dressing and garnish with seaweed salad, furikake and sesame seeds.