Posted on Thrusday, 24ᵗʰ November, 2022

Diners adopting ethical choices

As we witness the rise of the mindful menu, chefs and kitchens are responding to the issues that motivate today’s generation of diners. Chief among these is conscious consumption, where local produce, seasonal foods and tip-to-tail cooking are increasingly sought after switched-on consumers.

Different types of Spices
Conscious consumption: Bowl Food

Conscious consumption is on the rise

There is perhaps no better culinary response to the rise of conscious consumption than bowl food. Its growing popularity boils down to ingredients anchored in the principles of ‘clean eating’ and a realisation among chefs that fresh, healthy and ethically sound dishes can also be creative and tasty.


KNORR Intense Flavours Roast Umami

Delivers rich caramelised flavours from slow, oven-roasted onion and garlic for an aromatic umami sweetness that’ll take time to create from scratch.

Avocado and tuna brown rice poké bowl

A variation on the classic Hawaiian staple, our recipe for Avocado and tuna brown rice poké bowl is loaded with Asian fusion flavour.

Shroom bowl with miso ginger vinaigrette

The earthy authenticity of mixed mushrooms is at the heart of our Shroom bowl with miso ginger vinaigrette recipe. Pickled ginger adds a sweet note and additional health-giving properties.

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