Posted on Friday, 5ᵗʰ August, 2022

Innovation between two slices of bread

Sandwiches have always been the go-to fare for office workers, healthy eaters and punters on the run. But the sheer versatility of this culinary classic is leading to dynamic levels of innovation as chefs explore fresh flavour mashups and ever-more exotic ingredient combinations.

Creative sandwiches | Innovation between two slices of bread
Classic sandwiches | Turn a sanger into a banger

Turn a sanger into a banger

From bánh mi and French baguettes to katsu sando and New York bagels, sandwiches are a universal language, making them an approachable base for international flavours. But we’re also seeing intriguing riffs on traditional favourites, such as the pastrami-driven North American standard, the Reuben.

Perfect sandwich mayo, all the time.

The best mayo for sandwiches, with its thick and creamy texture, HELLMANN'S Real Mayonnaise is made to an authentic yolk recipe. And it is totally gluten-free to suit all menus.

Creative on-trend sandwich ideas


Flatbreads come to the fore

Wraps and flatbreads bursting with funky fillings are trending right now. Check out two hot ideas that are easy to make and will add fresh interest to your sandwich menu.

Katsu sando with Japanese slaw

Our fabulous fusion recipe for Katsu sando with Japanese slaw takes the classic schnitzel sandwich into an entirely new realm.

French dipped sandwich

Bring a smoky continental twist to your sandwich menu with our simple and delicious recipe for a French dipped sandwich.

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