Posted on Friday, 11ᵗʰ November, 2022

Vibrant flavour meets gut-friendliness

Driven by benefits to gut health along with flavour intensity, the world has gone wild for fermented foods. Fermentation adds interest to otherwise mild-tasting ingredients and can help venues find a way to make use of excess produce.

Vibrant flavours
Give your salads a fermented makeover

Give your salads a fermented makeover

The goodness of naturally fermented foods makes them an obvious choice for healthy dishes such as salads, taking an already nourishing meal and making it more wholesome. Fermentation allows chefs to create more flavour complexity and creativity in dishes that otherwise lack punch and interest.


KNORR Intense Flavours range

Bring out deeper flavours in your fermented dishes with the KNORR Intense Flavours range. These 100% vegan liquid seasonings have been created using real, time-consuming culinary techniques.

TECHNIQUE: Fermenting Veggies


Ferment your own veggie delicacies

See just how easy it is to ferment your own veggie delicacies in-house. We share three recipes that can provide signature flavours on your menu.

Marinated Chinese tofu salad and kimchi

Featuring the tangy Korean fermented relish, our recipe for Marinated Chinese tofu salad and kimchi is a flavour-loaded tour-de-force.

Probiotic potato salad

Our probiotic potato salad brings gut-friendly goodness to a traditional favourite courtesy of dill pickles, capers, pickled radish and Greek yoghurt.

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