Posted on Friday, 5ᵗʰ August, 2022

How sandwiches could be your snack-based saviour

It’s official: more than ever, consumers are turning their backs on traditional mealtimes and the customary three-square meals a day, in favour of eating on the go with snacks that fulfil an eat-when-hungry lifestyle. Snack-sized dishes are an increasingly important component of any menu as people embrace smaller, more regular meals throughout the day.

Sandwiches | Snack-based saviour
The simple pleasure of a sandwich snack

The simple pleasure of a sandwich snack

Sandwiches are the near-perfect response to modern life. Not only are they quick to prepare, portable and incredibly versatile — they can help meet a growing desire to eat well even when snacking, an increasingly common theme among millennials and Gen Z.

Deliver caramelised richness with every drop

The rich, caramelised scratch-made flavour of KNORR Intense Flavours Umami liquid seasoning comes from slow, oven-roasted onion and garlic for an aromatic umami sweetness.

Salad sandwich with mushroom pâté

A deep umami flavour drives this Salad sandwich with mushroom pâté, braised beets and cavolo nero, to be an all-round winner.

Carnisa asade crunch wrap

Our Carnisa asade crunch wrap recipe offers all the joy, freshness and interest of a classic Mexican dish in a handy ready-to-go portion.`

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