Posted on Thursday, 15ᵗʰ September, 2022

Making the most of every menu item

Whether it involves tightening inventory management, donating excess food or committing to fermenting and preserving, restaurants and cafés have a role to play in reducing the amount of edible food going to waste. For many diners, a low-waste ethos is becoming a key factor in their choice of venue.

A low waste ethos is becoming a key factor
Niland's latest cookbook embraces ethos for cooking and eating seafood

Delicious seafood done right

With many seafood stocks under threat, celebrated Sydney chef Josh Niland is determined to hit a 95% usability rate for the ocean produce that is processed through his restaurants. Niland’s latest cookbook embraces a scale-to-tail ethos for cooking and eating seafood — inspiring chefs and kitchens across Australia and New Zealand to follow suit.

KNORR Italiana Pronto Napoli

A lightly seasoned sauce that is versatile and easy to customise, KNORR Italiana Pronto Napoli is packed with flavour because it’s made with tomatoes harvested from Italian fields and canned within 24 hours.

Linguine with prawn bisque sauce

Our tasty Linguine with prawn bisque sauce recipe uses the shells and heads of the prawns in the stock for the sauce, meaning less waste and an amazingly intense flavour.

Fisherman’s broth

Fish offcuts, prawn heads and shells are roasted with a concentrated stock to make the most of your seafood basket in our recipe for a traditional Fisherman’s broth.

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