Posted on Friday, 22ⁿᵈ July, 2022

Venues pull back from bloated menus

Part trend and part necessity, the move towards the simplified menu is gathering pace as kitchens search for ways to do more with less. A focus on core dishes can help venues reduce waste, create greater food consistency and meet the challenge of an unpredictable supply landscape.

Keep your menus simple
Start with your starters

Start with your starters

Cutbacks to the menu are affecting all-day parts, starters being no exception. Venues are increasingly looking for simple and easy-to-execute starter menus, using ingredients that play multiple roles across the day and can be crafted to suit dine-in, takeaway and delivery applications.

KNORR Potato Flakes

With a scratch-made taste and texture, gluten-free Knorr Potato Flakes deliver a rich and creamy mash perfect for croquettes, schnitzels, pizza bases, soups and gnocchi.

Provolone and pancetta croquettes

Our recipe for provolone and pancetta croquettes is incredibly easy to execute and can be served with all manner of fillings.

Roasted pumpkin salad

Make great use of this on-trend veggie with our simple and delicious recipe for a roasted pumpkin salad with creamy herb dressing.

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