Posted on Thursday, 13ᵗʰ October, 2022

Exciting flavour combinations continue to emerge

Pairing sweet and savoury ingredients opens rich new avenues for exploration. Unexpected and inventive flavour combinations are capturing the imagination of chefs and diners. Food science reveals that compatibility at a molecular level is the reason why unlikely pairings just seem to work.

Exciting flavour combinations continue to emerge
Embracing the plant-based breakfast

Breakthrough ideas for brunch

The rules around brunch are loose, making it the ideal setting to embrace interesting sweet and savoury combinations. Take advantage of this freedom to create unique dishes that capture the essence of breakfast and lunch, such as bacon and banana pancakes or a cauliflower and strawberry salad.


Perfect for flavour fusions

A sauce with endless possibilities, KNORR Hollandaise is made with 100% cage-free eggs for a close-to-scratch taste. Use it with maple syrup, waffles or french toast for delicious sweet and savoury fusion brunch creations.

Southern fried waffle burger

Our Southern fried waffle burger features maple bacon for a winning hit of sweet and savoury goodness in an authentic brunch dish from America’s Deep South.

Savoury stuffed French toast with maple hollandaise

Another incredible twist on the maple syrup and bacon combo, our savoury stuffed French toast with maple hollandaise also features gooey Monterey Jack cheese to create an indulgent continental sandwich.

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