Posted on Thursday, 14th April, 2022

You can’t beat the best of both worlds

We’re currently enjoying a fusion cuisine revolution, with a level of invention that is inspiring ingenious combinations across the globe. Chefs have moved beyond classic Asian fusions into a space where anything goes: think Thai-Italian, French-Vietnamese and Greek-Mexican.

You can’t beat the best of both worlds
Get creative with a curry fusion

Get creative with a curry fusion

Thai curry continues to be a popular menu item, especially going into the winter. While casual dining venues may find it hard to compete with authentic Thai restaurants for the best curry, they can create a fabulous curry-based fusion that will intrigue and excite their diners.

KNORR Thai Lime Powder

KNORR Thai lime powder is the consistent and cost-effective way to give your Thai fusions a fresh citrus taste. It is made with real lime and provides you with the equivalent to 100 limes or 200 litres.

KNORR Thai Lime Powder

Mexican Taco-Inspired Roti

Give your Thai curry a modern fusion twist by serving it in a Mexican taco-inspired roti.

Thai Chicken Burger

An all-American favourite gets a Thai fusion makeover with our buttermilk and red curry-marinated Thai chicken burger.

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