Posted on Thursday, 14th April, 2022

Get set to turn up the heat

As diner preferences evolve, our appetite for exotic spices grows ever stronger. In 2022, innovations in rubs, marinades and even baked goods have kept hot and spicy food in the news. The next horizon would appear to be to distinct global profiles, with complex regional spice mixes offering another full-flavoured palette for chefs to explore.

Get set to turn up the heat
It’s time for tingling tastebuds

It’s time for tingling tastebuds

Diners return time and again to the complex flavours and rich variety of Thai curries, which offer the perfect melding of sweetness, aroma and spice. While yellow and green curries remain popular, mentions for red Thai curries are on rise as diners seek the thrill of a chilli-filled dish.

KNORR Thai Red Curry Paste

Made in Thailand to an authentic local recipe, KNORR Thai red curry paste delivers the taste of Thailand in a medium spice blend that includes red chilli, lemongrass, garlic, shallot and galangal.

KNORR Thai Red Curry Paste

Penang Red Curry Tofu

Bring the heat with our Penang red curry tofu, featuring the delicious addition of peanut butter.

Chicken Lollipops With Red Curry Butter

Our Chicken lollipops with red curry butter come with a spicy kick and are perfect for snacking and delivery.

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