Posted on Friday, 11ᵗʰ November, 2022

Ingredients that help you work smarter

Let’s face it: not all ingredients are born equal. Some have the natural advantage of being useful across multiple dishes and day parts. Flexible flavours are in more demand than ever before as they help chefs manage costs and simplify menus while maintaining high culinary standards.

Ingredients that helps to mke flexible flavours
Hero Flavours: Ginger, lime and honey

Fill your salads with flexible flavours

Ginger, lime, honey, cranberry and mushroom are hero flavours that can work in countless appetisers, snacks, main meals and desserts. Building salads around flexible flavours encourages kitchens to simplify their food inventory, boost creativity and reduce waste.


KNORR Thai lime powder

KNORR Thai lime powder provides a consistent and cost-effective way to deliver a fresh citrus taste across your menu. It is made with real lime, and 1 pack is equivalent of 100 limes or 2 litres of lime juice.

Slow-roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad

Mustard, paprika and coriander are the hero flavours of this slow-roasted pumpkin and chickpea salad that boasts a fashionable Middle Eastern profile.

Mexican chicken avocado salad

A lime marinade is the centrepiece of our Mexican chicken avocado salad recipe, which also employs a flavoursome mix of classic pantry spices.

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