Posted on Wednesday, 5ᵗʰ April, 2023

Cost of living pressures and the social nature of dining have seen sharing dishes become a thriving menu trend. While the schnitzel is not really thought of as a sharing dish, you can make the most of its popularity and punch out these schnitty-inspired sharing platters.

The delicious richness of the sauce works a treat with the crunchy chicken. Add some chopped basil, chilli flakes or a drop of balsamic vinegar for extra depth.

Who would think a whole chicken could be served as a ‘schnitzel’ for sharing. As this recipe uses butterflied chicken, it’s easy to cook evenly and serve cut portions with a delicious Japanese-inspired sauce.

The natural smokiness of this dish comes from paprika that can be substituted by Hungarian or sweet paprika. Adjust the chilli level if desired or try the addition of dried thyme or oregano to the spice mix.

A fun dish to have on the menu, with all the elements of the salad providing a crispy accompaniment to the crunchy succulent popcorn chicken.

These spicy morsels are a great way to use up surplus cooked chicken schnitzel. Dusting with KNORR Tomato Powder adds extra zest as well.

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