Posted on Monday, 7ᵗʰ August, 2023

As meat prices rise and sourcing becomes challenging, the creative use of alternative workhorse cuts can help you maintain profitability while continuing to meet diner demand for steak based menu options.

These 5 on-trend recipes feature underused, less expensive steak cuts that deliver the flavour, bite, and texture that your steak-loving diners crave.

Tender and juicy short rib, slow cooked in the sous vide method and served with mustard mash.

This delicious pie with a layer of creamy mash is made with chuck steak, an economical cut that is also perfect for slow cooking.

The sous-vide style delivers a tender, buttery steak that can't be achieved with other methods.

Flat Iron steak is an affordable and versatile cut that delivers intense beef flavour and is well marbled. Perfect, not just with mushrooms.

The combination of cider and maple gives the sauce an almost sweet and tangy profile. This flavour cuts through the steak and gives you a different option for your menu.

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