Posted on Thrusday, 13ᵗʰ April, 2023

The classic schnitzel features chicken as the popular base, but other proteins can bring excitement and interest to your schnitty too. If you’re already offering pizza and burger menus with plenty of choices for your diners, consider a multifaceted schnitty menu to match.

You may just command a higher price from diners looking for variety or a premium protein alternative with these schnitty recipes that go beyond the bird.

Garam masala in the crumb and a curried gravy give this pork schnitzel a delicious Indian twist.

Give your roast lamb a run for its money with this beauty. Your customers may never eat lamb as a roast again!

This super schnitzel is a little American-inspired with its maple and waffles, but we dare anyone to try and resist this divine gastronomic delight!

An economical cut of lamb leg steak is a perfect alternative protein to chicken, veal and pork in a schnitzel. The sweet scent of rosemary pairs perfectly with the lamb.

We call this the poutine dream… Just make sure you use a tender cut of beef. Your diners’ jaw muscles will thank you!

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